Rings Around The Moon

Here it is finally, the latest collection from Medjivepjis out of the studio. This is a blend of all types of music for a wide range of listeners, with the emphasis on composition, creativity and freedom.  From the beginning, Steam Metal and Flutes will have you dancing to a range of found sounds, drums, and guitar. Loopy, Just Kidding Around and Shed for Summer are driven by a steady beat from the beginning, Daniel T Smith on drums provides an energy that comes from metal, and Medjivepjis and Moreno add some very slick guitar with a few winks and nods to the greats of our time.

Dimnon takes you to the islands, there where the breezes blow warm you can lay back and partake of your own blend of herbal essences and continue to be carried by a reggae beat with What Do I Gotta Do.

SkaRnB will eventually get you back into an urban scene and Driving In A Late Spring Snowfall showcases a very orchestral piece having zithers, sitar, and vibes carrying their weight along with strings and keys.

Driving In A Late Spring Snowfall
He Is Hot He Is Cool

The second album from Medjivepjis and Smith featuring 2 artists playing on individual tracks: Jeff Klein on Halloween and Marina Moreno singing on Elboud. Enjoy some Dub with DUBBBB, some light jazz in your front room on Old Gruv Vinyl, and a tastefull mix of electronic and ambient sounds listening to Hep Hap and Len Is Dead is a tribute to our late Parson Jack Terrier Lenny.

DUBBBB "A Dogs Life"
One Day On Earth 12/12/12