Piano Musings

Piano Musings began as an exercise, an approach to the composition of my music from a point of detachment, having no pre-conceived plan or musical notion. I worked at silencing that inner voice that is a relic from the past, a voice that continually commented on the merit, scope and execution of the music originating from somewhere deep inside of me. The result for me has been a liberation of my spirit, a reclamation of my freedom from the classical self-examination and critique that although is necessary for the finishing of a project, is misplaced when it is centred on the creative impulse.

PM2 vs Tanox

Second in a series of 5 exploring spontaneous composition.


As in the first Piano Musings, the piano was recorded as a thought stream, undiluted by notions of self examination.


Working with another Sound Artist, TANOX, residing in Barcelona, a collaborative piece developed over the internet.


We have yet to meet face to face, but this is the product of our mutual efforts.

In Between Spaces & Time

“In Between Spaces and Time” a video installation concieved and directed by visual artist Marina Moreno focuses on the space in-between multiple video cameras and the engagement between the body of the performer, its movement and the different experimental exchange with the camera.

This relationship reveals the space and the non-space, the real and the imaginary both spatially and culturally.

Influenced by choreographic concept of chance and spatial interplay.


“UNTITLED” focuses on the idea of Home, Displacement and the Transnational as an ideal possibility for a fluid mind-scape. Continuing on with her personal research and integration of differing art forms, Marina Moreno has recently examined the relationship between performance, dance and the camera by way of her multi-screen video sculptural installations.

Drawing from the direct experience of dance, performance and video art, “UNTITLED” offers the audience an intimate experience that develops visually and expands the idea of displacement through the use of field captured ambient sound.